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About Me

My focus is on nature photography, most often flowers and landscapes. I also have an interest in old things, especially farm equipment and old buildings. I live in Wimberley, Texas, in the Hill Country and Rockport, Texas. We also travel in our motorhome.

As I wrote on my home page, I do not believe that the camera captures what I see, so I post process my images to make them look like what I saw, or what I wish I had seen, and to focus the attention of the viewer on what I want to show.

I have been taking pictures all my adult life but mostly vacation and travel photography. At one point my husband and I owned a travel agency and I built a very early rather popular travel agency website. One of the main draws for that website was pictures of and commentary about travel destinations.

It was after I retired that I changed my focus from documentary photography to fine art photography and started showing and selling my work.